Dear Neighbors,

Heavy rainfall and flooding that occurred in late February have impacted our community in numerous ways.  If you were impacted, please review the following information on potential resources, or pass it along to anyone you know who may need such assistance.

Storm Damage Data Collection and Assistance

The Gold Ridge and Sonoma Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) are working with the County of Sonoma to document damage to private properties (both residential and commercial) that were affected by streambank erosion and slope failure triggered by the February 2019 storm event. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) may be able to provide technical advice and/or financial assistance for landowners to address these impacts if they are determined to be a threat to life or property.  Documentation of damage is the first necessary step.  The RCDs are collecting initial documentation of property damage from landowners and submitting it to NRCS who will assess whether they may be able to assist.  NRCS will then conduct site visits with RCD staff.

How to Document Damage on Your Property

If your property has been impacted by storm related erosion or slope failure that threaten life or property, please send the following form completed and no more than 5 photos documenting the damage at your property to either RCD before April 5th, 2019.

There are three ways to submit your materials:

Gold Ridge RCD                                   Sonoma RCD

By Google Form Online OR via the button below:                   

By Email:               

By Mail:
Attn: Storm Damage                                 Attn: Aaron Fairbrook
Gold Ridge RCD                                     Sonoma RCD
2776 Sullivan Road                                 1221 Farmers Lane, Suite F
Sebastopol, CA  95472                             Santa Rosa, CA  95405

For Further Information
Please contact either RCD at:

Gold Ridge RCD                               Sonoma RCD
Jason Hoorn                                       Aaron Fairbrook
Erosion Specialist                               Program Manager
707-823-5244                                     707-569-1448 x106
If you’re not sure which RCD area covers your property, you may contact either one and we will make sure your information gets to the right place!

Please Note
This is not a program to assist with damage to homes from flood waters (e.g. mud or debris inside homes, damaged sheetrock or appliances, etc.). For more information and resources for damage to homes, please visit and look for “2019 Russian River Flood Recovery Information,” or click: