Post-Fire Gully and Headcut Repair Demonstration Project – Pepperwood Preserve

This video was created to demonstrate five different types of headcut and gully repair erosion control practices in a post-fire landscape that landowners can potentially do themselves on their own properties. This demonstration project was funded through the State Water Resources Control Board’s 319h Grant program and took place in September 2022 at the Pepperwood Preserve Property in Santa Rosa, California. Sonoma Resource Conservation District designed and oversaw the implementation of the project with assistance from Prunuske Chatham Inc. The project was constructed by Spye General Engineering.

Time codes for each of the five headcut treatments are listed below:
Table of Contents: 0:00
 Introduction 2:31
– Overview of Pepperwood Preserve 3:53
– Site 1: Willow Wall with Willow Mattress treatment 11:29
– Site 2: Loose Rock Headcut Repair 17:08
– Site 3: Rock Grade Control Structure with Check Dam 20:12
– Site 4: Native Grass Plantings 22:06
– Site 5 – Brush Rows to Brush Check Dam 26:46
– Acknowledgments

The Groundwork Erosion Control Guide referenced in the introduction can be downloaded here:…

A timelapse video of the 5 different treatments can be viewed here: