Call for marketing agencies!

Are you a marketing agency interested in shaping the future of regenerative, climate-smart agriculture? This project will develop systems, tools, and expertise to create a sustainable marketplace in Sonoma and Marin Counties for climate-smart commodities long term.

Through this Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program, the USDA is investing a historic $3.1 billion in 141 selected projects that will lead pilots to create market opportunities for commodities produced using climate-smart production practices.

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) uses an integrated approach to managing landscapes—cropland, livestock, forests and fisheries—that addresses the interlinked challenges of food security and accelerating climate change.

Over the course of five years, project partners will provide carbon farming support to numerous farms and ranches, which will lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Anchored in historic local conservation partnerships, the adaptive co-management approach of the project is designed to serve as a regional model for coordinated climate-smart agriculture implementation and to be scalable to any region in the state or country.

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