Over the last few years, RCDs across the region have seen a dramatic interest in practices benefitting soil health and increasing carbon sequestration on a variety of agricultural properties. In Sonoma County, the Sonoma RCD has worked to develop LandSmart® carbon farm plans and seek funds to put carbon beneficial practices into action. Carbon can be beneficially stored long-term (decades to centuries or more) in soils and vegetation through biological carbon sequestration. Enhancing agroecosystem carbon, whether in plants or soil, results in beneficial changes in other system attributes, including soil water holding capacity, hydrologic function, soil fertility, biodiversity, ecosystem resilience and agricultural productivity.

The RCD was recently awarded two grants from the California Healthy Soils Initiative to implement climate beneficial practices as well as those identified in our LandSmart carbon farm plans. Read the full story and see what else is new in natural resource conservation in Sonoma County!