The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to guide the RCD’s high-level decisions for the next three years. Our approach with the Plan was not to identify every activity the RCD will carry out in service to our mission, but rather to identify the greatest opportunities to grow and improve how we deliver on that mission.

Development of this Plan was led by a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) that included Board and staff members. This Committee solicited feedback at multiple steps in the process, including an initial survey of internal (Board & staff) and external (partners, general public) stakeholders. Based on the survey results, the SPC developed updates to our Vision and Mission statements, and identified four themes representing key opportunities for growth and improvement within the RCD. These themes included Programs & Offerings; External Engagement; Internal Mechanisms; and Individual & Team Support. We formed Theme Committees for each topic and charged them with developing a goal and actions strategies to advance each goal. The RCD also engaged with a professional facilitator to help us articulate our organizational values.

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