We’re here to help
The RCD, along with our local and regional partners, have already begun to evaluate the potential immediate and ongoing impacts of burned areas on our watersheds. A Watershed Emergency Response Team assembled by Cal Fire will identify erosion prone areas that could pose a threat to both life and property. The RCD’s goal is to collaborate with local agencies as to not duplicate efforts and provide the best support possible to our constituents. Gold Ridge RCD has offered their staff to help us get our project managers and resource specialists on the ground to provide technical assistance.
Current services
The RCD will continue to gather information and resources to support you. Currently, we are able to offer:
  • Site visits and planning services for landowners and managers to determine resource needs and appropriate actions concerning erosion, riparian areas, etc. sometimes in partnership with an NRCS engineer,
  • Connecting landowners with funding resources available for post-fire natural resource protection,
  • Natural resource permit assistance on a fee for service basis,
  • Natural Resources Recovery Guide, which provides information for homeowners and landowners as to what services local, state and federal organizations are offering to those affected by the fires, where to find additional information, funding opportunities/technical assistance/general assistance/etc., and contact details (this Guide will be a living document and will be updated as resources and information becomes available to us), and
If we haven’t connected with you yet individually, please know that we are thinking of all our friends and partners. We are indebted to the many first responders from near and far who came to battle these devastating fires, we are grateful for their support and dedication. Our staff and board are sending you, our landowners, partners and friends heartfelt wishes for the safety and well-being of you and your family. This tragedy has deeply impacted all of us.
Please contact the Sonoma RCD or NRCS for assistance or with questions.

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