**EVENT OVER ** Limited Supply: Pre-Order Monarch Habitat Kits

The Sonoma RCD will be hosting our first ever western monarch butterfly habitat kit “sale” in partnership with Gold Ridge RCD. These 100 pre-order kits include a wonderful selection of native plants, tailored to support western monarchs in Sonoma County. Each kit will contain two native milkweed plants, an assortment of monarch friendly nectar plants, and plant care tips and monarch butterfly information to help you establish a nectar waystation for migratory monarchs. Supplies are limited so be sure to sign up and claim your kit soon. Register on Eventbrite and choose your location/ time for pick up! Registration closes at midnight on May 31st, or until supplies run out – whichever comes first.

Registration link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/monarch-butterfly-habitat-kits-sonoma-county-tickets-151216549771