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Stemple Creek

Stemple Creek Watershed

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Watershed Overview

Current & Past RCD Programs:


The RCD has worked with local agricultural landowners, often in partnership with the Marin RCD and NRCS, to improve water quality and maintain working landscapes in the watershed and is focuses on pursuing funding for water quality improvement on dairies in the watershed.

The RCD was awarded funding in 2012 through a partnership with multiple north coast RCD's, the UC Cooperative Extension, and the Western United Dairymen to assist North Coast dairies with compliance with the upcoming North Coast Dairy Waiver.

Watershed Scale Planning

In 1994, the Sonoma RCD and the Marin RCD completed an Enhancement Plan for the Stemple Creek/Estero de San Antonio watershed. The goals of this plan include:

  • Encourage the local community to take the lead in developing and implementing enhancement projects;

  • Assist agricultural producers with practices that promote the conservation and enhancement of natural resources;

  • Reduce pollutants entering Stemple Creek and the Estero;

  • Reduce soil erosion;

  • Encourage environmentally-sound management of rangeland;

  • Conserve and enhance existing natural habitats;

  • Restore the riparian corridor;

  • Develop a long-term monitoring program; and

  • Support agriculture as a major land use in the watershed.

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