Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Russian Gulch

Russian Gulch

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Watershed Overview

Current & Past RCD Programs:

On-the-Ground Projects

  • Through the RCD's Rural Roads Improvement Program the RCD recently completed the Jenner Headlands Sediment Source Assessment in 2011. This study assessed 35 miles of road in the property for point sources of erosion with delivery to the local stream network. This study resulted in a sediment reduction plan for the entire Jenner Headlands property which includes much of the East Branch of Russian Gulch and the south side of the mainstem until it reaches HWY 1.

Water Resource Management

  • The Jenner Headlands Physical and Biological Stream Assessment and Monitoring project was completed in 2011. 1000 ft of Russian Gulch and 1000 ft of East Branch Russian Gulch was surveyed by RCD staff for habitat quality. Parameters included: canopy coverage, pebble counts, woody debris volume measurements, cross-section and thalweg surveys, pool and riffle measurements, and benthic macro-invertebrate surveys.

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The Wildlands


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