Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Middle Russian

Middle Russian

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Watershed Overview

Current & Past RCD Programs:


  • The RCD has worked with many Ag producers in Alexander Valley to enhance their farming operations and protect soil and water resources. Projects include the development of Farm Conservation Plans, enhancement of riparian areas, and erosion control.

Water Resource Management

  • The RCD is working in Partnership with Syar Industries, the Westside Association to Save Agriculture, Advanced Viticulture LLC, and local grapegrowers to conduct an irrigation management field study. This study will focus on soil moisture and vine water status measurements in a variety of soil types common to the Middle Reach. Data will be key in helping local growers refine their irrigation scheduling to improve vine health and conserve water.

On-the-Ground Projects

  • In partnership with riparian landowners along the Middle Russian River and its tributaries, the RCD has undertaken a number of projects to enhance riparian habitat and stabilize eroding streambanks.

Useful Documents:

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