Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Russian River Coho Partnership Program

In response to the precipitous decline of coho salmon in the Russian River watershed, the Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership is developing a systematic approach to improve streamflow and water supply reliability in five priority Russian River tributaries critical to the recovery of endangered coho salmon (Dutch Bill Creek, Grape Creek, Green Valley Creek, Mark West Creek, and Mill Creek). The Partnership consists of the Sonoma and Gold Ridge RCDs, Trout Unlimited, Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration, Occidental Arts and Ecology, and UC Cooperative Extension. The long-term goals of the Partnership are to:
  • Restore a more natural streamflow regime during the dry season
  • Increase viability, and ultimately numbers, of coho salmon in the Russian River watershed
  • Increase water reliability for water users in each priority watershed
  • Develop mechanisms for navigating the regulatory processes associated with water use and water rights
  • Develop pilot program that is applicable in other watersheds throughout the state
  • Through this effort we are working with landowners in the five priority watersheds to collect streamflow and fish habitat data and develop water conservation and storage projects to enhance water source reliability and instream flow during critical periods.

If you live in the Grape Creek, Mark West, or Mill Creek watersheds, and are interested in participating instreamflow or fish habitat monitoring, or exploring awater conservation/storage project on your property, please contact Justin Bodell, Project Manager at 707.569.1448 ext 107, or For more information about the Partnership, visit