Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Rural Roads Improvement

Since 1998, the Sonoma RCD has worked with over 120 private landowners to identify sources of excessive sediment on rural roads. Since our efforts began, the RCD has worked with local landowners to assess and treat over 230 miles of road throughout the Russian and Gualala River Watersheds by receiving nearly 6 million dollars in grant funding from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California State Coastal Conservancy and the California State Water Resources Control Board. These projects have prevented over 125,000 cubic yards of sediment from entering streams and waterbodies.

The key tributaries where the program has been implemented include Austin Creek, Mark West Creek, Gray Creek,Palmer Creek, Pena Creek, Sheephouse Creek, Jenner Gulch, Mill Creek, Felta Creek, and Hobson CreekWatersheds within the Russian River Watershed. The next key areas Sonoma RCD will focus on for the Rural Roads Improvement Program are the Upper Mark West and Maacama Creek Watersheds.

The RCD currently has focused the Rural Roads Improvement Program in the Upper Mark West and Austin Creek Watersheds. For Austin Creek contact Aaron Fairbrook at 707.569.1448 ext. 106 or For Upper Mark West contact Kevin Cullinen at 707.569.1448 ext. 103 or