Sonoma Resource Conservation District


LandSmart Plans® assist landowners and land managers in identifying and prioritizing management practices according to their individual needs, goals and timelines. The planning process balances the landowner's management goals with practices that preserve and enhance natural resources, delivering a plan that is both informative and actionable.

Depending on the characteristics of the property and the landowner's goals and interests, plans may include management practices that address:

  • Erosion control on roads, streambanks and gullies
  • Water conservation and alternative water supply
  • Soil health improvement for productivity and carbon sequestration
  • Manure and pasture management
  • Enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Agrichemical management

LandSmart Plans are a great way to help comply with regulatory requirements (such as Waste Discharge Requirements or Conditional Waivers), enhance sustainability efforts, and plan for the future of your property. The developed plan and associated maps generated from the process are managed by the landowner and kept on the property. The RCD can also offer assistance with LandSmart On-the-Ground projects identified in plans. For more information on our regional LandSmart efforts or to download a plan template visit


In 2017, the RCD launched a forestland plan template to better assist forest landowners and managers in identifying and prioritizing management practices according to their individual needs, goals, and timelines. Plans developed for forested lands cover all content areas required by a California Cooperative Forest Management Plan, with additional emphasis on carbon beneficial practices. These plans are designed to meet the requirements for grant and cost-share agreements, as well as other provisions available through CAL FIRE, NRCS, USFS and the American Tree Farm Association.


"The RCD's sensitivity to the many challenges we face with our property is greatly appreciated! The maps and planning tools will prove invaluable to our family and for future generations." –Jack Rasmason, Cattle Rancher




To contact RCD staff with assistance in Sonoma County to develop a farm or ranch plan see below:

Equine/Confined Animal Facilities and Rangeland planning:
Kari Wester, Project Manager at or 707.569.1448 ext 101.

Vineyard planning:
Anya Starovoytov, Project Manager at or 707.569.1448 ext 109.

Forestland planning:

Aaron Fairbrook, Project Manager at or 707-569-1448 ext 106.