Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Alternative Water Supply Development

The RCD provides technical field visits to landowners interested in developing alternative water supply and storage. Projects range from off stream storage ponds to small rainwater catchment systems. Incorporated into the mission of the RCDs’ LandSmart water resources and reliability program are the goals of increasing the amount of water flowing in our streams during the summer dry season and assisting landowners in developing more secure and reliable water supplies, especially important in years of drought. Additionally, utilizing stored water resources instead of creek water during the summer dry season means less water drawn from the creeks, allowing wildlife access to freshwater when they need it most.


The RCD also has educational resources available for these types of projects including the Slow it. Spread it. Sink it. Store it! guide and an informational brochure on rainwater catchment systems. See our Publications page to download your copy!


For more information on alternative water supply and storage contact Aaron Fairbrook, Project Manager, at 707.569.1448 ext 106 or or Justin Bodell, Project Manager, at 707.569.1448 ext 107 or