Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Acronym Soup

AC: Advisory Committee
ACOE:United States Army Corps of Engineers (Corps)
ACP: Agricultural Conservation Program
AG-Census:California Agriculture Census
ARS: Agricultural Research Service
ASCS: Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
ARMC: Sonoma Marin Animal Resource Management Committee
BAASD: Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Development
BASMAA:Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association
BCDC:San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
BMPs: Best Management Practices
CACCalifornia Agriculture Census:
CALFED: CALFED Bay-Delta Program
CALFlora: California plants for conservation, research, and education
CALTrout: California Trout, Inc
CalSIP: California Land Science Information Project
CalWEED: California Noxious Weed Control Projects Inventory
CBARCD: Council of Bay Area Resource Conservation Districts
CCC: California Coastal Conservancy
COOC: California Olive Oil Council:
CDEC: California Data Exchange Center - California Department of Water Resources:
CDF:California Department of Forestry:
CDFG: California Department of Fish and Game:
CEQA:California Environmental Quality Act:
CERES: California Environmental Resources Evaluation System:
CERPI: California Ecological Restoration Projects Inventory:
CIWMB:California Integrated Waste Management Board:
COGS: Councils of Government, California Resources Agency:
COMTF: California Oak Mortality Task Force:
CRA: California Resources Agency:
CRMPs: Coordinated Resource Management Plans:
CWPI: California Watershed Project Inventory
DFG: California Department of Fish and Game
DOC: California State Department of Conservation:
DWR: Division of Water Rights, State Water Resources Control Board
EIR: Environmental Impact Report (CEQA)
EIS: Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA)
EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency
EPA-WATERS: Environmental Protection Agency's Watershed Assessment, Tracking and Environmental Results:
EQIP: Environmental Quality Incentives Program
F&G: US Department of Fish and Game
F&G - WHDA: US Department of Fish and Game - Wildlife and Habitat Data Analysis Branch
FFA: Future Farmers of America
FRAP: Fire and Resource Assessment Program:
FSA: Farm Services Agency (USDA):
FWS: Fish and Wildlife Service - United States Department of the Interior
GIS: Geographic Information Systems:
ICE: Information Center for the Environment:
IHRMP: Univ. of Calif. Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program:
IPM: Integrated Pest Management
LAFCO:Local Agency Formation Commission of Sonoma County:
LAO:Legislative Analyst's Office - The LAO provides nonpartisan fiscal and policy analysis to the California Legislature:
LUPIN: California Land Use Planning Information Network:
MRCD: Marin Resource Conservation District:
MCSTOPPP: Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program:
NACD:The National Association of Conservation Districts:
NASDA:National Association of State Departments of Agriculture:
NASS:National Agricultural Statistics Service for U.S. Agriculture Statistical Information and Graphics:
NEPA:National Environmental Policy Act:
NMFS:National Marine Fisheries Service:
NOAA:National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration:
NPS: Non-point Source Pollution
NPS:National Park Service:
NRCS:National Resources Conservation Service (USDA):
NRPI: Natural Resource Project Inventory:
OHWM: Ordinary High Water Mark
OPR: Office of Planning and Research (California State Clearinghouse)
PCI: Prunuske Chatham, Inc.:
PWF: Petaluma Watershed Foundation
RCD: Resource Conservation District
RDM: Residual Dry Matter, expressed in pounds per acre, left in a field after being grazed.
RWQCB: Regional Water Quality Control Board:
REGIS: Research in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley:
SCAC:Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner:
SCC: California State Coastal Conservancy:
SCPRMD: Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department:
SCS: USDA - Soil Conservation Service (renamed to NRCS):
SCWA: Sonoma County Water Agency:
SEC:Sonoma Ecology Center
SFBJV:The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture:
SFBCDC: San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission:
SFEI: San Fransisco Estuary Institute:
SFSCCState Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (California Forest Stewardship Program):
SMRC:Stormwater Manager's Resource Center, Center for Watershed Protection, Inc:
SNEP:Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project at the Information Center for the Environment - UC Davis:
SOD:Sudden Oak Death - Monitoring in California:
SOI: Sphere of Influence
SWRCB:State Water Resources Control Board:
TESS: Threatened and Endangered Species System - US Fish and Wildlife Service:
TMDL: Total Maximum Daily Load
UFEI: Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute:
UC: University of California
UCCE:University of California Cooperative Extension Service:
UC-Ext.: University of California Cooperative Extension Service:
UGB: Urban Growth Boundary
USDA: United States Department of Agriculture:
USGS: United States Geological Survey
USLE: Universal Soil Loss Equation
VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds
WHDAB: Wildlife and Habitat Data Analysis Branch:
WISP: Watershed Information Sharing Project:
WOW:Wild on Watersheds - CARCD:
WITS:Watershed Information Technical System - California Resources Agency:
WPI: Watershed Projects Inventory:
WQSID:CalTrans Water Quality Standards Inventory Database: